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Loom Luxury Linens takes a modern approach to yesterday’s linen store. We focus our expertise on the consumer experience. We accomplish this by offering tailored yacht and home fashions to meet special sizing and design specifications.


At Loom Luxury Linens, we take a very hands-on approach when it comes to our projects. We take all of our own templates and measurements to ensure that your custom linens are fitted perfectly. We deliver and install all of our local projects ourselves. We take pride in seeing a project through from start to finish, all details are important!

Samantha Weiler, owner

Samantha is a South Florida native, who started her career in yacht linens and interior goods in 2012, after a 10 year stent in high-end dining and management. Once she hit her glass ceiling in opportunity she made a career move into onshore yacht support, and has been enjoying beautifying yachts ever since. Samantha is an advocate for continued education and supporting marine industry charities, as well as creating unique and fun learning experiences for owners and crew.  She is currently serving as Vice President of the Young Professionals in Yachting.

Jackie Rasmussen,  owner

Jackie hails from the Carolina's, spending most of her childhood living on and off boats with her family. The need for travel sparked her career move into professional stewardessing. She was a chief stew aboard yachts for quite a few years, learning the art of service and maintenance of beautiful things. After starting her own family, here in Florida, she decided to use her skill set to support fellow crew shore side. Her knowledge of a well working yacht interior, has enabled her to offer sound advice and guidance to her customers. 

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