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A luxurious bathroom should be filled with natural materials, texture, and small details that help personalize the space.
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Towels are a very important element in making a bathroom feel rich and comforting. Our towel selection process, is very in depth. We make sure our towels are created with 100% natural fibers, that they are highly absorbent, wash well, and have a beautiful hand. Specialty towels, such as guest tips and makeup towels, are also selected with exquisiteness and function in mind.


Robes and Slippers are a great amenity to have in any bathroom. They add a spa quality to your space and provide added comfort to your living. However, robes and slippers are not all created equal. At Loom, we’ve got a span of all different weights, fabrics, and lengths, to accommodate any needs.


We also carry the necessary accessories, for the added touches, which are important in making the bathroom feel finished. Some of our favorite additions are our collection of sumptuous rugs, gorgeous vanity sets, as well as, fragranced candles and diffusers. We never overlook the space and details when it comes to supplying the products that really tie the look and feel, of any room, together.

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