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Some of our brands....


We offer an array of styles, finishes and brands to completement our customer's unique tastes and preferences. We are very proud to have our Loom Luxury Linens private label brand. Under our exclusive private label collection, we offer chic embroidery patterns and one of kind designs and finshes. We construct bed sheets and duvets in any size, made to template or standard. Loom Luxury Linens private label includes beautiful sateens and luxe percales. Our colors are vibrant and colorfast. We are also proud to stock many well known brands including, but not limited to:


Egyptian cotton, bath towel, beach towel
Scandia, Down, down duvet, down pillow, down comforter, mattress pad
beaded placemats, napkin rings, linen napkins, beaded table runner
Down, down-free, hypoallergenic, down comforter, down duvet
Cashmere, Cashmere Blanket, Cashmere Throw
Vanity Sets, Trays, Accessories, Desk
embellished table linen, beaded, crystal placemats, crystal napkins, jeweled napkins
PVC coaster, waterproof coaster, custom coaster
Signoria, coverlet, bedspread
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