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Does sheet thread count matter? We have been predisposed to think that thread count is the only factor that is important when selecting bed linen. We will be the first to acknowledge that we have been trained to associate large numbers with opulence. It is difficult to retrain our way of thinking. However, when it comes to selecting bedding, industry experts agree it's not the best guide to determine quality.


Thread Count refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. But in reality, there is more to the story than tallying the warp and welt and deeming a fabric as “luxury”. Only so many threads can fit into a one square inch. When it comes to bed linen, 400 threads per square inch, is about all that will fit into that space. Unfortunately, some mills engage in some creative counting to achieve 1,000-plus thread count numbers. Often, the threads are doubled up and bunched together before looming, so “one” thread is actually a few threads bundles together. Instead of the, now, large thread being counted as one single piece, it is counted as the total number of threads in the bundle. It is a misleading practice. With all of this being said, there are a few mills left who create beautiful, delicate fabrics of high thread counts.


Three Important Things, to keep in mind when choosing your bed linens:  First, look for 100% long -staple Egyptian Cotton. This type of cotton is stands up to wear and tear well and is known for it’s unsurpassed quality. Second, take note of where the linen in finished. We recommend purchasing linen that has been loomed and finished in reputable mills in Italy, Belgium, or Germany. Substandard mills often finish the fabrics with a chemical preservative, or may not have experience in how to finish goods with precision. Thirdly, it comes down to the "hand", or the feel of the fabric, and what is your personal preference. If you love the way a 275 thread count feels, then go with what is the most comfortable to you. Just remember to make note of the cotton and the finishing, as discussed in rule one and two. 


Percale sheets are categorized by a matte finish and crisp hand. Just like a cool, starched dress shirt, percale sheets are a favorite bedroom essential during the hot summer months. Our cotton percale linens are airy and incredibly soft. Percale fabric is lighter in weight and more breathable making it perfect for warmer climates. We offer percales in a range of thread counts and colors options.


Sateen fabric is woven to create a silky smooth feel with a luminous sheen, it’s luster and fluidity are benchmark characteristics of this lavish fabric. Traditionally it is a little thicker and more tightly woven, than its percale counterpart. This sheeting is perfect for cooler climates, as it insulates well. Our sateen comes in a range of thread counts and colors options.


Finishes can be as simple as a modest folded hem or as intricate as multiple lines of hand sewn hemstitches and custom embroidery. We pride ourselves on sourcing and designing beautiful motifs that incorporate embroidery, stitching, contrasting materials, taping, applique, quilting, and other embellishments. Bed linens can be infinitely customized, so let your imagination run wild!

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